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Why Web Directories
Web directories are web sites that provide a list of web site reviews and descriptions according to categories. They are comprehensive guides that help Internet users find the best and most relevant information.

The categories in a web directory are divided into related subcategories. For instance, under the category of computers you would find several subcategories including software, hacking, gambling, Internet and multimedia just to name a few. Each of these subcategories could be divided further and would contain links and short descriptions to specific web sites.

Web directories are great tools for improving search engine ranking. They direct Internet users to a web site through inbound one way links. This is one way a web directory helps build a web sites link or web popularity.

Some web directories are considered general directories. They contain reviews to web sites covering a broad range of topics. Others web directories focus on a particular topic or field of interest. It is recommended to submit to as many link directories as possible to get the best exposure for your web site. General web directories are good for your link popularity because you can have your review placed on a specific page in the directory that has content related to your web site.

Web directories are different from search engines in that they are based on submissions and are categorized or edited by humans. Search engines on the other hand utilize web crawlers to index web pages. One of the most impressive things about web directories is that they can be created without a large amount of effort. They are much more simple than developing search engines. This combined with their traffic potential makes them a very popular choice for webmasters that are interested in building their websites popularity.

Directories follow different processes for submitting reviews. Some require you to register as a member or editor before adding a review and others do not. Ther are a few web directories that offer free listings but it can take a very long time for you review to be approved, if it ever does get approved. If you are willing to pay a fee to have your submission reviewed you will greatly reduce the approval. The AMRAY Web Directory does not require you to register to submit your URL (site). We only ask that you read, respect and follow or Submission Gidelines and Rules

It is always best to submit to the bigger and more popular directories. A link directory that has and is being heavily promoted such as SEO Friendly AMRAY Free Web Directory. Having your site included in such a web directory would give it the benefit of being listed as a quality site as well as ensure high rankings. While there are a large number of ways to build traffic to your websites submitting to web directories have a number of powerful advantages. Your website will become much more visible and this will allow you to receive larger amounts of traffic.

In order to rank well for your websites keywords you will need to add your URL to web directories to build your link popularity. Adding your websites URL to a link directory is the preferred method of backlink building for many website owners. Give your website a fighting chance and begin your backlink campaign by adding your URL to as many quality free web directories as possible.

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