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Bands starting with P
 pantera - 5 minutes alone
 pantera - a new level
 pantera - becoming
 pantera - by demons be driven
 pantera - cat scratch fever
 pantera - cemetery gates
 pantera - clash with reality
 pantera - cowboys from hell
 pantera - dallas stars theme
 pantera - death rattle
 pantera - dom hollow
 pantera - domination
 pantera - drag the waters
 pantera - electric funeral
 pantera - floods
 pantera - fucking hostile (biomechanical mix)
 pantera - fucking hostile
 pantera - goddamn electric
 pantera - good friends and a bottle of pills
 pantera - great southern trendkill
 pantera - hard lines sunken cheeks
 pantera - heavy metal rules
 pantera - hellbound
 pantera - heresy
 pantera - hole in the sky
 pantera - hollow
 pantera - hostile
 pantera - i cant hide
 pantera - i can't hide
 pantera - ill cast a shadow
 pantera - i'm broken
 pantera - immortally insane
 pantera - it makes them disappear
 pantera - live in a hole
 pantera - living through me (hells' wrath)
 pantera - medicine man
 pantera - message in blood
 pantera - mouth for war
 pantera - mouth
 pantera - new level
 pantera - no good
 pantera - pantera
 pantera - planet caravan
 pantera - power metal
 pantera - primal concrete sledge
 pantera - psycho holiday
 pantera - regular people (conceit)
 pantera - regular people
 pantera - reinventing the steel
 pantera - revolution is my name
 pantera - rise
 pantera - sandblasted skin (reprise)
 pantera - sandblasted skin
 pantera - shattered
 pantera - shedding skin
 pantera - slaughtered
 pantera - strength beyond strength
 pantera - suicide note part 1
 pantera - suicide note part 2
 pantera - the art of shredding
 pantera - the badge
 pantera - the great southern trend kill
 pantera - the sleep
 pantera - the underground in america
 pantera - this love
 pantera - throes of rejection
 pantera - use my third arm
 pantera - walk
 pantera - war nerve
 pantera - well grind that axe for a long time
 pantera - where you come from
 pantera - whiplash (metallica cover)
 pantera - years
 pantera - yesterday don't mean shit
 pantera - youve got to belong to it
 papa roach - last resort
 patti smith - rock n roll nigger
 pearl jam - animal
 pearl jam - daughter
 pearl jam - do the evolution
 pearl jam - go
 pearl jam - jeremy [live]
 phantom of the opera - overture
 phantom of the opera - the phantom of the opera
 pink floyd - a great day for freedom
 pink floyd - a saucerful of secrets
 pink floyd - a spanish piece
 pink floyd - another brick in the wall [part i]
 pink floyd - another brick in the wall [part ii]
 pink floyd - another brick in the wall [part iii]
 pink floyd - any colour you like
 pink floyd - astronomy domine
 pink floyd - bike
 pink floyd - brain damage
 pink floyd - breathe
 pink floyd - bring the boys back home
 pink floyd - chapter 24
 pink floyd - cirrus minor
 pink floyd - cluster one
 pink floyd - comfortably numb
 pink floyd - coming back to life
 pink floyd - corporal clegg
 pink floyd - crying song
 pink floyd - cymbaline
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