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 megadeth - 99 ways to die
 megadeth - a secret place
 megadeth - a tout le monde
 megadeth - almost honest
 megadeth - anarchy in the uk
 megadeth - angry again
 megadeth - architecture of aggression
 megadeth - breadline
 megadeth - countdown to extinction
 megadeth - crush 'em
 megadeth - cryptic writings
 megadeth - duke nukem theme
 megadeth - foreclosure of a dream
 megadeth - hangar 18
 megadeth - high speed dirt
 megadeth - holy wars... the punishment due
 megadeth - i'll get even
 megadeth - in my darkest hour
 megadeth - insomnia
 megadeth - kill the king
 megadeth - no more mr. nice guy
 megadeth - paranoid
 megadeth - peace sells
 megadeth - prince of darkness
 megadeth - she-wolf
 megadeth - skin o' my teeth
 megadeth - sweating bullets
 megadeth - symphony of destruction
 megadeth - this was my life
 megadeth - tornado of souls
 megadeth - train of consequences
 megadeth - trust
 megadeth - use the man
 megadeth - vortex
 megadeth - wake up dead
 megadeth - youthanasia
 metallica - blitzkrieg
 metallica - die, die my darling
 metallica - fade to black
 metallica - imperial march
 metallica - it's electric
 metallica - loverman
 metallica - sabbra cadabra
 metallica - the memory remains
 metallica - the small hours
 metallica - the unforgiven
 metallica - the unforgiven ii
 metallica - turn the page
 mike oldfield - outcast
 moby - james bond theme [dance mix]
 moby - now i let it go
 moby - say it's all mine
 moby - that's when i reach for my revolver
 moist - gasoline
 moist - resurrection
 moloko - sing it back
 monster magnet - black mastermind
 monster magnet - look to your orb for warning
 monster magnet - medicine
 monster magnet - nod scene
 monster magnet - ozium
 monster magnet - pill shovel
 monster magnet - silver future
 monster magnet - sin's a good man's brother
 monster magnet - snake dance
 monster magnet - spine of god
 monster magnet - zodiac lung
 monty python's flying circus - every sperm is sacred
 monty python's flying circus - penis song
 motorhead - 1916
 motorhead - ace of spades
 motorhead - bomber
 motorhead - born to raise hell
 motorhead - dead men tell no lies
 motorhead - eat the rich
 motorhead - enter sandman
 motorhead - fast and loose
 motorhead - god save the queen
 motorhead - hellraiser
 motorhead - iron fist
 motorhead - jailbait
 motorhead - killed by death
 motorhead - lemmy goes to the pub
 motorhead - louie louie
 motorhead - mean machine
 motorhead - motorhead
 motorhead - one more fucking time
 motorhead - orgasmatron
 motorhead - overkill
 motorhead - stone dead forever
 motorhead - the hammer
 motorhead - we are motorhead
 mozart - tureckij marsh
 my life with the thrill kill kult - after the flesh
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