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Bands starting with M
 m.c. hammer - can't touch this
 m.c. hammer - this is what we do
 machines of loving grace - golgotha tenement blues
 machines of loving grace - richest junkie still alive
 mamas and papas - california dreamin
 marcy playground - sex and candy
 marilyn manson & nine inch nails - down in the park
 marilyn manson & sneaker pimps - long hard road out of hell
 marilyn manson & the smashing pumpkins - eye & the beautiful people[live]
 marilyn manson - 001-great big white world
 marilyn manson - 002-rock is dead
 marilyn manson - 003-user friendly
 marilyn manson - 004-fundamentally loathsome
 marilyn manson - 005-coma white
 marilyn manson - 006-the speed of pain
 marilyn manson - 007-new model no-15
 marilyn manson - 008-i want to disappear
 marilyn manson - 009-the dope show
 marilyn manson - 010-posthuman
 marilyn manson - 011-disassociative
 marilyn manson - 012-the last day on earth
 marilyn manson - 013-mechanical animals
 marilyn manson - 014-i don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)
 marilyn manson - 1996
 marilyn manson - a place in the dirt
 marilyn manson - angel with the scabbed wings
 marilyn manson - antichrist superstar [messiah remix]
 marilyn manson - antichrist superstar
 marilyn manson - astonishing panorama of the endtimes
 marilyn manson - beautiful people
 marilyn manson - born again
 marilyn manson - burning flag
 marilyn manson - cake and sodomy
 marilyn manson - coma black a.) eden eye b.) apple of discord
 marilyn manson - coma white [acoustic]
 marilyn manson - count to six and die (the vacuum of infinte space encompassing)
 marilyn manson - cruci-fiction in space
 marilyn manson - cryptorchid
 marilyn manson - cyclops
 marilyn manson - deformography
 marilyn manson - disposable teens
 marilyn manson - dogma
 marilyn manson - dope hat
 marilyn manson - dopeshow remix
 marilyn manson - dried up tied and dead to the world
 marilyn manson - dune buggy
 marilyn manson - everlasting cock sucker
 marilyn manson - get your gunn
 marilyn manson - godeatgod
 marilyn manson - highway to hell
 marilyn manson - i don't like the drugs [remix]
 marilyn manson - i put a spell in you
 marilyn manson - in the shadow of the valley of death
 marilyn manson - irresponsible hate anthem
 marilyn manson - kinderfeld
 marilyn manson - king kill 33
 marilyn manson - lamb of god
 marilyn manson - like a virgin [rare madonna cover]
 marilyn manson - little horn
 marilyn manson - luci in the sky with demons
 marilyn manson - lunchbox
 marilyn manson - man that you fear
 marilyn manson - minute of decay
 marilyn manson - misery machine
 marilyn manson - mister superstar
 marilyn manson - mother inferior got her gunn
 marilyn manson - my monkey
 marilyn manson - negative 3
 marilyn manson - organ grinder
 marilyn manson - prelude[the family trip]
 marilyn manson - 'president dead'
 marilyn manson - rock n roll nigger
 marilyn manson - snake eyes and sissies
 marilyn manson - sweet dreams [live]
 marilyn manson - sweet dreams
 marilyn manson - sweet tooth
 marilyn manson - target audience (narcissus narcosis)
 marilyn manson - the death song
 marilyn manson - the fall of adam
 marilyn manson - the fight song
 marilyn manson - the horrible people
 marilyn manson - the love song
 marilyn manson - the nobodies
 marilyn manson - the reflecting god
 marilyn manson - the suck for your solution
 marilyn manson - tourniquet
 marilyn manson - valentine's day
 marilyn manson - white trash
 marilyn manson - wormboy
 marilyn manson - wrapped in plastic
 mary hopkin - those were the days
 matchbox 20 - bent
 me first and the gimme gimmes - leaving on a jetplane
 meatloaf - anything for love
 medicine - time baby iii
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