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Bands starting with C - page 2 of 2
 the cars - just what i needed
 the connels - '74 '75
 the cult - painted on my heart
 the cure - 15 saturday night
 the cure - 39
 the cure - a forest
 the cure - a letter to elise
 the cure - a night like this
 the cure - a reflection
 the cure - a short term effect
 the cure - accuracy
 the cure - babble
 the cure - bloodflowers
 the cure - boys don't cry
 the cure - burn
 the cure - catch
 the cure - charlotte sometimes
 the cure - close to me
 the cure - closedown
 the cure - coming up
 the cure - cut
 the cure - doing the unstuck
 the cure - end
 the cure - faith
 the cure - fascination street
 the cure - friday i'm in love
 the cure - from the edge of the deepgreen sea
 the cure - grinding halt
 the cure - high
 the cure - homesick
 the cure - hot hot hot
 the cure - i'll stop the world
 the cure - i'm a cult hero
 the cure - inbetween days
 the cure - jumping someone else's train
 the cure - just like heaven
 the cure - killing an arab
 the cure - let's go to bed
 the cure - love song
 the cure - lovesong
 the cure - lullaby
 the cure - maybe someday
 the cure - mint car
 the cure - more than this
 the cure - never enough
 the cure - open
 the cure - other voices
 the cure - out of this world
 the cure - pictures of you
 the cure - play for today
 the cure - pornography
 the cure - prayers for rain
 the cure - primary
 the cure - purple haze
 the cure - push
 the cure - round & round & round
 the cure - shake dog shake
 the cure - sinking
 the cure - snow in summer
 the cure - strange attraction
 the cure - the 13th
 the cure - the caterpillar
 the cure - the empty world
 the cure - the funeral party
 the cure - the hanging garden
 the cure - the last day of summer
 the cure - the loudest sound
 the cure - the love cats
 the cure - the perfect girl
 the cure - the same deep water as you
 the cure - the walk
 the cure - there is no if
 the cure - this twilight garden
 the cure - to the sky
 the cure - to wish impossible things
 the cure - trust
 the cure - watching me fall
 the cure - wendy time
 the cure - where the birds always sing
 the cure - why can't i be you
 the cure - wrong number
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