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Things to avoid at job interview
Comments from the interviewers
  • The reason the candidate was taking so long to respond to a question became apparent when he began to snore. 
  • During the entire interview, the applicant wore a baseball cap... A few days later, another college graduate showed up for a management trainee position wearing overalls and sandals. 
  • When I asked the candidate to give a good example of the organizational skills she was boasting about, she said she was proud of her ability to pack her suitcase "real neat" for her vacations. 
  • Wanted to know if employee perks included a swimming pool, paid lunches at the company cafeteria or a free computer to use at home. 
  • Why did he go to college? His ill-conceived answer: "To party and socialize." 
  • He couldn't answer any of my questions because he had just had major dental work. 
  • When I gave him my business card at the beginning of the interview, he immediately crumpled it and tossed it in the wastebasket. 
  • I received a resume and a note that said the recent high school graduate wanted to earn $25 an hour - "and not a nickel less". 
  • He had arranged for a pizza to be delivered to my office during a lunch-hour interview. I asked him not to eat it until later. 
  • Insisted on telling me that he wasn't afraid of hard work. But insisted on adding that he was afraid of horses and didn't like jazz, modern art, or seafood. 
  • The candidate never looked directly at me once during the entire interview. Just staring at the floor. 
  • She actually showed up for an interview during the summer wearing a bathing suit. Said she didn't think I'd mind. 
  • He sat down opposite me, made himself comfortable and proceeded to put his foot up on my desk. 
  • The interview had gone well, until he told me that he and his friends wore my company's clothing whenever they could. At which point, I had tell him that we manufactured office products, not sportswear. 
  • Applied for a customer service position although as he confided, he really wasn't a people person. 
  • When I mentioned that we had gone to the same college, he stood up and began to belt out the school football fight song. 
  • Without asking if I minded, he casually lit a cigar and then tossed the match onto my carpet - and couldn't understand why I was upset. 
  • On the phone I had asked the candidate to bring his resume and a couple of references. He arrived with the resume - and two people.

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