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Eric Clapton-knock on wood
Eric Clapton-knockin' on heavens' door
Eric Clapton-knocking on heaven's door
Eric Clapton-lawdy mama
Eric Clapton-Layla (acoustic)
Eric Clapton-Layla
Eric Clapton-let it rain
Eric Clapton-Little Rachel
Eric Clapton-little wing
Eric Clapton-lonely stranger
Eric Clapton-losing hand
Eric Clapton-loving your lovin'
Eric Clapton-mainline Florida
Eric Clapton-malted milk
Eric Clapton-man in love
Eric Clapton-man overboard
Eric Clapton-may you never
Eric Clapton-mean old frisco
Eric Clapton-meet me (down at the bottom)
Eric Clapton-miss you
Eric Clapton-motherless child
Eric Clapton-motherless children
Eric Clapton-Mustang Sally
Eric Clapton-needs his woman
Eric Clapton-Nights
Eric Clapton-no alibis
Eric Clapton-nobody knows you
Eric Clapton-old love
Eric Clapton-one chance
Eric Clapton-only the broken hearted (live)
Eric Clapton-pretending
Eric Clapton-pretty blue eyes
Eric Clapton-pretty girl
Eric Clapton-promises
Eric Clapton-rambling on my mind
Eric Clapton-reconsider baby
Eric Clapton-riding with the king
Eric Clapton-river of tears
Eric Clapton-rock me baby
Eric Clapton-roll it over
Eric Clapton-rollin' and tumblin'
Eric Clapton-run so far
Eric Clapton-run
Eric Clapton-running on faith
Eric Clapton-second nature
Eric Clapton-See What Love Can Do
Eric Clapton-setting me up
Eric Clapton-she's gone
Eric Clapton-she's waiting
Eric Clapton-sign language
Eric Clapton-sinner's prayer
Eric Clapton-sleeping in the ground
Eric Clapton-snake drive
Eric Clapton-someday after a while
Eric Clapton-someone like you
Eric Clapton-something special
Eric Clapton-something's happening
Eric Clapton-standin' round crying
Eric Clapton-steady rollin' man
Eric Clapton-stone free
Eric Clapton-stormy Monday
Eric Clapton-strange brew
Eric Clapton-sunshine of your love
Eric Clapton-Superman Inside
Eric Clapton-tears in heaven
Eric Clapton-tell me that you love me
Eric Clapton-tell the truth
Eric Clapton-Ten Long Years
Eric Clapton-the core
Eric Clapton-the shape you're in
Eric Clapton-third degree
Eric Clapton-three o'clock blues
Eric Clapton-too bad
Eric Clapton-Tulsa time
Eric Clapton-voodoo man
Eric Clapton-walk away
Eric Clapton-walk out in the rain
Eric Clapton-walkin' blues
Eric Clapton-wanna make love to you
Eric Clapton-watch out for lucy
Eric Clapton-west coast idea
Eric Clapton-whatcha gonna do
Eric Clapton-white room
Eric Clapton-worried life blues
Eric Clapton-would you know my name
Eric Clapton-you look wonderful tonight
Eric Clapton-you were there
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