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Eric Clapton-after midnight (live)
Eric Clapton-after midnight (slow version)
Eric Clapton-after midnight
Eric Clapton-ain't going down
Eric Clapton-ain't that loving you
Eric Clapton-Alberta
Eric Clapton-All Along the Watchtower
Eric Clapton-all our past times
Eric Clapton-all your love
Eric Clapton-anyday
Eric Clapton-anything for your love
Eric Clapton-bad influence
Eric Clapton-bad boy
Eric Clapton-bad love
Eric Clapton-badge
Eric Clapton-beautiful thing
Eric Clapton-before you accuse me
Eric Clapton-behind the sun
Eric Clapton-behind the mask
Eric Clapton-Believe In Life
Eric Clapton-bell bottom blues
Eric Clapton-better make it through today
Eric Clapton-black rose
Eric Clapton-blow wind blow
Eric Clapton-blue eyes blue
Eric Clapton-blues before sunrise
Eric Clapton-blues leave me alone
Eric Clapton-blues power
Eric Clapton-blues
Eric Clapton-boom boom
Eric Clapton-border song
Eric Clapton-born in time
Eric Clapton-breaking point
Eric Clapton-broken down
Eric Clapton-can't find my way home
Eric Clapton-carnival
Eric Clapton-catch me if you can
Eric Clapton-Christmas tears
Eric Clapton-circus has left town
Eric Clapton-cocaine
Eric Clapton-Come Rain or Come Shine
Eric Clapton-cream badge
Eric Clapton-crosscut saw
Eric Clapton-crossroads
Eric Clapton-Danny boy
Eric Clapton-Days Of Old
Eric Clapton-don't know which way to go
Eric Clapton-Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Eric Clapton-don't think twice
Eric Clapton-double trouble
Eric Clapton-down and out
Eric Clapton-driftin' blues
Eric Clapton-driftin'
Eric Clapton-everybody oughta make a change
Eric Clapton-evil
Eric Clapton-fall like rain
Eric Clapton-fathers eyes
Eric Clapton-Find Myself
Eric Clapton-five long years
Eric Clapton-floating bridge
Eric Clapton-forever man
Eric Clapton-from the cradle
Eric Clapton-Further Up The Road
Eric Clapton-get lost
Eric Clapton-gimme one reason
Eric Clapton-give me strength
Eric Clapton-goin' away baby
Eric Clapton-golden ring
Eric Clapton-got to get better in a little while
Eric Clapton-Got You On My Mind
Eric Clapton-grand illusion
Eric Clapton-groaning the blues
Eric Clapton-hard times
Eric Clapton-have you ever loved a woman
Eric Clapton-have you heard
Eric Clapton-heaven is one step away
Eric Clapton-hello old friend
Eric Clapton-help me up
Eric Clapton-help the poor
Eric Clapton-hey hey
Eric Clapton-hold me lord
Eric Clapton-Hold On I'm Coming
Eric Clapton-hold on
Eric Clapton-holy mother
Eric Clapton-hoochie coochie man
Eric Clapton-hoodoo man
Eric Clapton-hound dog
Eric Clapton-how long blues
Eric Clapton-hung up on your love
Eric Clapton-I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
Eric Clapton-I ain't got you
Eric Clapton-I can change the world
Eric Clapton-I can't stand it
Eric Clapton-I found a love
Eric Clapton-I get lost
Eric Clapton-I shot the sheriff
Eric Clapton-I wanna be
Eric Clapton-I want a little girl
Eric Clapton-i'll make love to you anytime
Eric Clapton-If I Could Change the World
Eric Clapton-I'm sorry
Eric Clapton-I'm tore down
Eric Clapton-inside of me
Eric Clapton-It All Depends
Eric Clapton-it hurts me too
Eric Clapton-it was you
Eric Clapton-it's in the way that you use it
Eric Clapton-it's probably me
Eric Clapton-I've Got A Rock and Roll Heart
Eric Clapton-just like a prisoner
Eric Clapton-key to the highway
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