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Archive for July, 2011


Ask any wannabe “SEO Pro” how to get good SERP and they will tell you that you have to do all sort of activities related to Social Media to build traffic to your site, get good PR which is fine if you don’t care about traffic from Search Engines and totally ignoring the fact that millions upon millions of people don’t go, use or even know what SM means thus relaying on the only source of traffic they can get from and the only one source they know, Search Engines.

If you stop and think about these millions of people for a moment you will start realizing that they all have one thing in common and that they all have only one thing to relay on, content of their sites and if that content have unique qualities to it, then SE Algo will notice these sites and provide them with well deserved place high in SERP.

SERP is and always will be about content and never will be about how many backlinks site has, what PR or amount of traffic site is generating and when next time you’ll see site that has no PR in top 10 just remember that this happened because of one single factor only real SEO Pros know about: CONTENT.