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Archive for June 4, 2011

PR Myth

Why would anybody want to waste there time in pursued of something as useless as PR is beyond any mindful logic and yet no matter where you will go these days, you will hear that endless PR yapping as if it’s some new era of Gold Rush.

So, lets ask ourselves what that PR noise is all about? If your answer is ‘about nothing’ then you’re already a winner but if you have different idea, then I hate to disappoint you because you are grabbing a straw to stay afloat above your irrational thinking.

Sometimes ago Google decided to put some measurement that would determine site popularity based on amount of backlinks or PR naively believing that Internet is honest place without realizing that they have paved way for cottage industry of buying and selling links to gain Google’s good intention and in process both Google and Internet brought on themselves irreparable damage by turning PR in bad joke.