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Archive for April 21, 2011

Duplicate Content Myth

Not everybody is smart enough to write unique article no to mention why bother if Internet is blotted with all sorts of already written articles just waiting for some “wanna sound intelligent” in his forum post or Blog comment nitwit to “shine” with other people knowledge.

We all despise people who are shamelessly re-posting article without giving well-deserved credit to the original author and make sure these re-posts removed from our Blogs and forums. But what if Blog or forum operators never cut cheaters? Are they cheerfully obliging perpetrators or they themselves become victims of somebody else rip-off?

Well, according to Google’s Matt Cutts they are victims of duplicate content and Google understands that and as bad as such duplication can be spam wise, it gives Blogs and Forums operators break because badly managed resources is not an offense in eye of Google.

Next time somebody tells you that Google will punish Blog or Forum for duplicate content, tell him or her: Matt Cutts says it’s not true.