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Archive for August 28, 2009

AMRAY Web Directory

Finally, after long debates with myself (sometimes I do that) I decided that now is the time for me to get involved with SEOMOZ and let fellow members to deal with my brainstorming for a change. So, now you too may have my head ache just to keep me a company and I, as token of appreciation, promise to give you one.

Now, allow me to go right to the business.
Today’s topic: AMRAY Web Directory.

I say that AMRAY is pound per pound or if it pleases you, feature per feature is much better directory amongst most of “Strongest Directories” I stumbled in Aviva’s list.

Wow, I said it and now is your turn to prove me being wrong.

Of course just point your finger down won’t do it without your input in form of side by side renew of options that separate hyped mediocre directories on that list from real high quality directory. So, lets talk quality, shall we?