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Ask any wannabe “SEO Pro” how to get good SERP and they will tell you that you have to do all sort of activities related to Social Media to build traffic to your site, get good PR which is fine if you don’t care about traffic from Search Engines and totally ignoring the fact that millions upon millions of people don’t go, use or even know what SM means thus relaying on the only source of traffic they can get from and the only one source they know, Search Engines.

If you stop and think about these millions of people for a moment you will start realizing that they all have one thing in common and that they all have only one thing to relay on, content of their sites and if that content have unique qualities to it, then SE Algo will notice these sites and provide them with well deserved place high in SERP.

SERP is and always will be about content and never will be about how many backlinks site has, what PR or amount of traffic site is generating and when next time you’ll see site that has no PR in top 10 just remember that this happened because of one single factor only real SEO Pros know about: CONTENT.

PR Myth

Why would anybody want to waste there time in pursued of something as useless as PR is beyond any mindful logic and yet no matter where you will go these days, you will hear that endless PR yapping as if it’s some new era of Gold Rush.

So, lets ask ourselves what that PR noise is all about? If your answer is ‘about nothing’ then you’re already a winner but if you have different idea, then I hate to disappoint you because you are grabbing a straw to stay afloat above your irrational thinking.

Sometimes ago Google decided to put some measurement that would determine site popularity based on amount of backlinks or PR naively believing that Internet is honest place without realizing that they have paved way for cottage industry of buying and selling links to gain Google’s good intention and in process both Google and Internet brought on themselves irreparable damage by turning PR in bad joke.

Duplicate Content Myth

Not everybody is smart enough to write unique article no to mention why bother if Internet is blotted with all sorts of already written articles just waiting for some “wanna sound intelligent” in his forum post or Blog comment nitwit to “shine” with other people knowledge.

We all despise people who are shamelessly re-posting article without giving well-deserved credit to the original author and make sure these re-posts removed from our Blogs and forums. But what if Blog or forum operators never cut cheaters? Are they cheerfully obliging perpetrators or they themselves become victims of somebody else rip-off?

Well, according to Google’s Matt Cutts they are victims of duplicate content and Google understands that and as bad as such duplication can be spam wise, it gives Blogs and Forums operators break because badly managed resources is not an offense in eye of Google.

Next time somebody tells you that Google will punish Blog or Forum for duplicate content, tell him or her: Matt Cutts says it’s not true.

Backlinks Myth

How many times we heard people would say: if you submit 10,000 or 1,000 links to your site Google will penalize you for spamming? OK, but here is my question to those who’re claiming this: how Google will know if you or somebody else damped 10,000 all over the Internet?

But what if your competition decided to bury you and your site? You probably will say that this would be devastating for you and not fair because you didn’t do nothing wrong and shouldn’t be punished unjustly. Well, I have good news for you: Google knows and understands that shit is happen and that there are people around who will try to cut your throat by any possible means if they can including using Google as a tool of your distraction.

So, next time you see some Clown who claims to know what Google will do or shall I say believes that people at Google some kind of morons who know nothing about reality and can be fooled easily, tell him to get lost.

Nofollow Myth.

You hardly will find post in Blogs and forums these days that will advise you not to bother with sites that are using nofollow tag and to use “DoFollow” (whatever this is) sites only. When I see something like that, I’m instantly know that poster either an idiot who has no idea what he’s talking about or spammer who’s making post count or both.

What nofollow really does and why Google has had come up with this concept? Simple answer is, to inform crawler that there is no need to visit other site thus to spare Google’s crawling time and servers resources and that’s all to it. Google never said that it will disregard backlinks or will give them lesser weight or they won’t help site’s PR, all it wants is no to be hustle needlessly.

So, next time you’ll see some “genius” gives advise to use “dofollow” only, rest assured that he has no idea what he is talking about.

SEO – 101 Lesson

Objective of SEO

Basic objective of SEO Search Engine Optimization is to bring your own site in SEPR Search Engine Page Ranking as high as possible to the top in front of your competition and the only way to do that, is to have keywords rich content SE visitors will have affection, thus visit your site and to place backlinks to your content in natural way.

You can SEO only your own site

No one cans SEO Social, Articles and Directories sites because technically these sites out of SEO reach. You just cannot Search Engines Optimize site you personally don’t own but what you can do is to benefit your own site by using available media to Search Engines Marketing it.

Because you have no influence over somebody else actions and cannot control how others are running their sites you simply cannot SEO their sites to your like. If site owner decides to edit your article or to place nofollow tag or to remove hyperlink all together, there is nothing you can do about that and because of that you can only SEO your own site.

SEO – SEM confusion

SEM Search Engine Marketing is off page method of traffic building. Some people are using term SEO whereas in reality they mean SEM believing that these two are inseparable but the truth is, they both serve two different purposes.

If you place your article somewhere else but your own site, SE algo will pull that site (not your) to the top in SEPR and the only benefit you will get if you have had placed backlink in that article to your own site is visitors and that by definition is Marketing.

Simply put, you are Search Engine Marketing somebody else’s sites by providing your own content to these sites thus giving benefits edge of SEO to others and not to yourselves.

RDF data, who owns it?

According to DMOZ management they do because their phony ToU said so:

You agree to waive any claim related to the inclusion, placement, exclusion, or removal of any site in the ODP or to the title or description of any site appearing in the ODP.

It would be fine if you submitted your site to DMOZ and requested inclusion but what if your site one of thousands sites added to DMOZ by editors who are crawling Internet for good sites and added your site to DMOZ Index without your consent?

People whose sites was listed without their permission never agreed to follow any ToU conditions including of course content of generic titles and descriptions applied by editors not to mention they never waived anything because nobody ask them to do so.

Now the questions are:

  • how DMOZ management can claim as their own something that no one legally permitted them to use in a first place?
  • what legal right DMOZ management has to Copyright somebody else’s properties without owners consent?
  • Does DMOZ management have any right to ask RDF data users for attribution given that part of RDF data legally doesn’t belong in DMOZ Index?

Based on facts from above, my question is:
should people who are using RDF data or some links listed in DMOZ Index give DMOZ any attribution?


AMRAY Web Directory

Finally, after long debates with myself (sometimes I do that) I decided that now is the time for me to get involved with SEOMOZ and let fellow members to deal with my brainstorming for a change. So, now you too may have my head ache just to keep me a company and I, as token of appreciation, promise to give you one.

Now, allow me to go right to the business.
Today’s topic: AMRAY Web Directory.

I say that AMRAY is pound per pound or if it pleases you, feature per feature is much better directory amongst most of “Strongest Directories” I stumbled in Aviva’s list.

Wow, I said it and now is your turn to prove me being wrong.

Of course just point your finger down won’t do it without your input in form of side by side renew of options that separate hyped mediocre directories on that list from real high quality directory. So, lets talk quality, shall we?



The Best “cream of the crop” Directories!

1. First of all directory must be site owner friendly. If directory links point to internal pages, then leave that directory alone because you won’t get any backlinks. You can find if this is the case by placing mouse over link Title and by looking if Status Bar points to site domain or to directory. This is your test #1

2. Open “View Source” and check Meta Tags ‘description and keywords’. You will be surprised how many directories never bothered to have Meta Tags at all and the rest will have them so badly written that Google will simply ignore that Directory and as result have it buried in SERP. Also make sure Directory doesn’t uses nofollow and if it does, then you’re wasting your time.

3. Find if directory is offering “More Info”, “Rate Site”, “Review Site” pages. If it does, then you will have 3 more backlinks from that Directory indexed by Search Engines. Remember to run test #1 because it applies to these links as well. And of course Directory itself as any other site must have quality content and not just an Index with backlinks. Professionally implemented SEO can tell you a lot about how Google sees that Directory.

4. Submission Form can tell a lot about directory as well. If you see well-formulated Submission Guidelines with well-defined list of dos and don’ts, then chance owner cares enough about what he wants to have in his Index is present and your site will be place amongst carefully selected, hand picked sites.

You also need to pay attention to payment schedule. If it says: “Free” and “Free with Reciprocal” then owner either noob or an idiot because if you were offered Free, then why would you want to use reciprocal? Beside, Free with Reciprocal is an oxymoron because you pay for submission with backlink to that Directory and real Directory operator will understand that and will never offers both at the same time.

5. Look at Directory in whole if the owner took his time to add content which includes About, Terms, Privacy, Contact, Site Map etc. pages, thus making his directory not only SEO friendly but user friendly as well by adding all kind of informative and useful to visitors’ stuff says that owner hopes people will come back for more and that is good news for your listing..

How many links that directory has will help you to determine if directory is active. 3 years old site with 1,000 links is bad news because it should have at least 5,000 links by now which says that the owner simply neglecting to promote his directory and 5,000 pending review submissions should tell you that you will get listed in that directory when hell freezes.

6. Stay away from directories that offer instant or overnight inclusion. As a Rule, owner will careless about quality of submitted sites thus making his directory nothing but link farm and thereafter totally useless as far as your listing in Google concerns.

7. Take your time and look at listed sites Titles and Descriptions. Good written Titles and Descriptions will tell you that owner has been taking his time on taking care about Editorial Integrity of his Directory. But if Description loaded with keywords like ‘flowers’ or ‘travel’, for example repeated 3, 4, 5, 6 and more times and whereas Title looks like Description means owner have no idea what he’s doing or all he cares is to make fast money and run in which case you’ll be better off if you forget about submitting to that directory and walk away.

8. Never worry about PR or Alexa’s ranking because worthless metrics or slimy green image on GTB will never reflect real value of any site including Directories. Instead Google for something like: best free web directories or free directories listing and see which directory and not directories list has been doing well in SERP. Just remember, that if you are chasing after PR, then 100 backlinks will give you your PR 4 or 5 but only quality Directories will have power to do that.